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The Claddagh Blog

Welcome to the Claddagh Blog.

The Claddagh Blog

Welcome to the Claddagh Blog.

  • Christmas at the Claddagh - Claddagh Jewellers

    Learn all about how Claddagh Jewellers celebrate Christmas.
  • The Claddagh Village - A Time Gone By

    Just a stone throw away from our main store rests a lovely little village named the Claddagh. A small and humble little area that made the map by the famous Claddagh ring, which is worn by millions of people all over the world. Everyone is aware of the Claddagh ring...
  • Irelands Most Beautiful Places

    In no particular order, we have listed some of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland while you are on your trip. From beautiful rocky hill tops to crystal clear waters and windy roads – we have some of the top traveler locations, just don't forget your umbrella and...
  • The Penal Laws In Ireland

    The late 1600's saw a huge change occur for the native of Ireland. The introduction of penal laws designed to oppress the Irish to such a huge extent that they would have no choice but to pledge loyalty to the English crown and to extinguish their love for the pope...
  • Important Dates in Irish History That Cultivated Modern Ireland – A Time Gone By

    The Irish have always had their fair share of troubles, struggles and poverty. In the year gone by in Ireland has seen Famine, war, mass emigration, oppression and poverty. When we think of these times and see Ireland today as prosperous tourist destination and tech hub – we forget that...
  • Ashford Castle – A Time Gone By

    Ashford Castle is a prestigious hotel located in the West of Ireland. The hotel was once a home for historic figures throughout Irish history and has been developed and redeveloped multiple times over. It has expanded in size with every new owner and became famous worldwide. Although it is a...

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