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Ashford Castle – A Time Gone By

Ashford Castle is a prestigious hotel located in the West of Ireland. The hotel was once a home for historic figures throughout Irish history and has been developed and redeveloped multiple times over. It has expanded in size with every new owner and became famous worldwide. Although it is a hotel now it is a wonderful part of Irelands history. We love the history of this fabulous Castle so much that we named a collection of Claddagh engagement rings after it which you can find by clicking here.

The Castle was built in 1228 following a battle between the native O'Conners and the Anglo – Norman De Burgo family. The De Burgo family won the battle and build many castles across Connaght. Over time, the Ashford Castle became a popular destination for many high powered people. The De Burgo family owned the castle for 350 years and was eventually seized by the president of Connaght Richard Bingham after a fierce battle. In 1715, a French Chateau is added to the grounds of Ashford Castle. In 1852, the Guinness family purchased the castle and set out on a huge expansion plan of the estate to 24000 acres now added which included planting thousands of trees and building roads to and from and around the estate. Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness preferred the Victorian style and added two new big extensions to the castle. In 1968, the son of Mr Guinness took over the Ashford Castle and renovated part of the building. In 1951, The Quiet Man was filmed and the movie cast stayed at Ashford Castle – an exciting time for the Ashford staff and local community. In 1970, it was completely renovated by the new owner John Mulcahy. He doubled the castle in size and he added a Golf course. In 1985, an American Irish investor took over Ashford Castle and used it as a hotel – the beginning of the best & most prestigious hotels in Ireland. The Irish American Investors owned the hotel for 16 years and then it was bought by Red Carnation who totally refurbished the hotel. From 2013 – 2016 the hotel built an in house cinema, a beautiful high end spa and they introduced many more activities such as falconry and fishing.

This historic hotel is the perfect place for anyone wishing to experience a taste of Irelands history. The magnificent paintings are beautifully hung all over the interior of the building and staff always greet you with the most wonderful welcomes. Guests enjoy a luxury stay, dinner, a magnificent experience and if you wish to go for one day we suggest that you try the afternoon tea which is not just delicious but exceptional. If you wish to roam the grounds – then you re in luck as the gardens are beautifully decked out with fabulous fountains and glorious views over the wild Atlantic way. Our Ashford Collection was named after the Ashford Castle as the rings are unique and lovely but traditional. Find them online at