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Irish Saints

Read all about the Saints of Ireland.
  • Glendalough – A Sight Worth Seeing

    Ireland is possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Glendalough is the perfect example of Ireland's elaborate beauty. This region is dense with green trees and is a glacial valley, giving it the nickname ''the valley of two lakes''. It is well-known for its wonderful nature...
  • The Cross Of Saint Bridget – An Irish Saint

    Early Life The Saint Bridgets Cross is one of the most well – known symbols of Ireland. But  who was Saint Bridget and what did she do? Saint Bridget was marked by her remarkable selflessness. She had little to no self love and gave all she could to help the...
  • The Life Of Saint Patrick & St. Patrick's Day

    Celebrate Saint Patricks Day with Claddagh Jewellers. The tale of Saint Patrick.

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