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Celtic Knots


Celtic Knot Meaning

The Celtic Knot has many variations and each design has unique symbolism attached. The different knots are worn and celebrated by people for many reasons, each unique to the person. The Irish patterns feature heavily in Celtic Jewellery and Celtic art. Celtic Knots adorn the Book of Kells and Book of Durrow - two of the worlds greatest illuminated manuscripts. A revival of love for these Celtic patterns began in the 1900's in Ireland, when everyone wanted a Celtic Cross for a loved ones graves or to wear around their neck. The love for these Irish Knot symbols has continued up to this day with many using them as symbols of faith, love and heritage. They continue to stir emotions of honour in our hearts. The exact meaning of the Celtic Knot is unknown as there was no written history from that era. Interweaving patterns can be found on Roman artifacts however it is the Celts that are credited with the intricate designs that we know today. It is thought that Celtic patterns were used solely for decorative purposes but many interpretations have been associated with them since, including: endless love, infinite cycles and infinity.

Infinity Knots

An infinity knot is merely endless loop, spiral or line that continues to interconnect with no ending.

Spiral Knot Meaning

This unusual Spiral Knot has three swirls which connect at the centre of the design. Interestingly, this beautiful symbol is believed to predate the Celtic era, although it is celebrated a been a Celtic symbol. It can be seen in Newgrange which predates the Celtic era by thousands of years. This Spiral Knot is thought to mean water, fire and earth – an interconnection of earth and oneness of the earth with life itself.

Trinity Knot Meaning

The Trinity Knot is the most favoured Celtic pattern and its popularity continues to grow. The Celtic era used this symbol to represent earth, sea and sky. It was later adopted in the Christian Cross and is more well-known for this. It also appeared in the Book Of Kells and adorns the beautiful pages of this Nowadays, people mostly associate the Trinity Knot with Christianity.

The Love Knot

The Lovers Knot consists of entwining patterns with at least one of the patterns been a heart. They loop into a shape of a heart and convey the message of love between two individuals that are inseparable. The beautiful variations of the love knot is used in Jewellery because of its symbolic value.

The Celtic Cross

Saint Patrick is credited for the Celtic Cross as he introduced the Celtic patterns to the cross in order to convert the pagans and also to ensure that he stepped on no ones toes. The Celtic cross surged in popularity in the 60s in Ireland and its popularity continues until this day. Find all about the Celtic Cross here.

The Shield Knot

This wonderful Celtic symbol of protection was used on shields and near sick people. The Celts believed this design kept evil spirits away. They can be identified as having four very distinctive sharp corners. Nowadays, people usually wear this symbol to celebrate their heritage.


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