Cu Chulainn was one the the greatest Celtic Warriors that ever lived. Born by the name of Setanta, he showed true warrior qualities from a young age and it was prophesied that he would one day become a legend.

Setanta was a champion at Hurling and caught the attention of Culann who invited him to a feast at his home. When Setanta arrived he was faced by a ferocious dog who tried to kill him. Armed with only a hurley and a sliotar, Cu Chulain hit the ball with an almighty strength; driving it straight down the throat of the dog and killing him. This was witnessed by all at the party including Culann who was both impressed by the skill that he had just witnessed and distressed by the loss of his dog. As an act of repentance Setanta offered to become his personal guard. From this day on Setanta became known as Cu Chulainn which means "The Hound of Cullann".

Cu Chulainn went on to become a ferocious fighter rising through the ranks of the Red Branch Knights quickly. His reputation was feared throughout the land and rightly so. He is said to have defeated the entire army of Connacht to defend his beloved Ulster in the Cattle Raid of Cooley. Other battles were not so triumphant however. Cu Chulainn had to kill his close friend Feriad in a battle he had tried avert. He also sadly killed his son unbeknown to him until the fatal spear had already be already been launched.

Cu Chulainn's life was epic but brief. He met his end on the battlefield in Knockbridge, County Louth when he was struck by a magical arrow. As a last heroic gesture he tied himself to a rock so he would die standing, facing his enemies.