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Important Dates in Irish History That Cultivated Modern Ireland – A Time Gone By

The Irish have always had their fair share of troubles, struggles and poverty. In the year gone by in Ireland has seen Famine, war, mass emigration, oppression and poverty. When we think of these times and see Ireland today as prosperous tourist destination and tech hub – we forget that these hard times were not very long ago at all. Our grandparents could still tell you of times when they had no shoes in school – in fact, our own parents who are now in their late 50's and 60's could tell you the same thing. Let's look back on some important dates in Irish history that caused the Irish to rejoice in the future of the country.

1829 – The complete removal of the penal laws in Ireland.

1898 – The first car was imported to Ireland, but it wasn't until 1911 that people started using cars regularly. Cars were a luxury item at this time and were afforded by only wealthy people. In 1911, 20000 cars were registered on the roads in Ireland.


1916 – The first ever morse code transmission was erected in Dublin Post Office during the Easter Rising by the rebels and this is considered the first ever radio broadcast in Ireland. Regular broadcasting did not happen to Ireland until 1925.

1921 – Irish war of Independence.

1922 – The end of British rule in Ireland and the establishment of the Irish Free State.

1937 – Ireland constitution is put into place and Ireland will no longer be called Irish Free State but instead 'Eire' or Ireland.

1949 – Ireland received it's first TV broadcast. It would take approximately ten years for 60% of Ireland to own a TV. Only seventy years ago.

1955 – Ireland join the United Nations.

1973 – Ireland joins the Economic European Community.

1990 – Ireland elects its first female president – Mary Robinson.

1991 – Ireland first connects to the internet.

1995 – Ireland enters the Celtic Tiger period. Wealth is seen everywhere and greed can be seen everywhere over the course of the following ten years from the bankers to housing developers. Infrastructure starts to grow in Ireland and people are living more comfortably than any other time in the history of Ireland.

1999 – Ireland decide to adopt the the Euro. It is implemented in its entirety by 2002.

2007 – A massive recession hits the shores of Ireland causing huge unemployment, homelessness, job losses that would last for years and see Ireland owing the European Union billions of Euro from a bailout of the banks.

While many events took place between these important dates, we highlighted the important ones to show the evolution of Ireland and how the increase in technology over 100 years revolutionized Ireland. While many welcome the changes that have occurred in the Irish society, we often hear people say that they miss the simplicity they once lived. While jobs and technology are currently booming for Ireland many question if the changes are good in respect to the peoples daily life and relationships. Social media has completely changed how new generations are communicating with each other. Whether your opinion is that Ireland has changed for the better or worse, we must thank the people who went before us, who suffered far more than most of us could imagine, but continued on for the future generations that would benefit from their struggles – some who are still alive are always ready and excited to tell us all about their life before TV, the internet, cars and inside toilets – who knocked on their neighbor's door for a chat and how happy they were even though they had to walk 10 miles to school every morning (Yes, we have all heard that one).