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Irelands Most Beautiful Places

In no particular order, we have listed some of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland while you are on your trip. From beautiful rocky hill tops to crystal clear waters and windy roads – we have some of the top traveler locations, just don't forget your umbrella and your wellies!

Ring of Kerry

Possibly one of the most beautiful drives in Ireland – The Ring Of Kerry is always a biggie with tourists. The beauty is indescribable and needs to be visited and experienced in person to understand this amazing part of Ireland. It is quite a windy road, so we advise booking a tour bus instead of renting a car for this part of the trip – especially if you are not used to driving on Irish roads.


Keem Bay, Achill Island.

Keem Bay is perfect for the travelers looking for a secluded beach with mountains. The beach is along the drive of the Wild Atlantic Way and is the perfect Irish Beach Holiday – with a lovely array of fishing and snorkeling activities for everyone to take part in. This beautiful spot is an absolute must see.

Skellig Micheal, Kerry.

Who likes exploring? Well, if you answered yes to this you are in absolute luck because Ireland is full of hidden gems. One of the most beautiful gems is a little Island off the coast of Kerry. The island is home to a 6th century monastery and it is magnificent. A steep and rocking 600 step climb leads you to the top where you are free to explore the mountain.

The Dingle Pennisula, Co Kerry.

If picturesque settings give you a sense of awe and wonder than The Dingle Pennisula is an absolute must visit. This beautiful place has been ranked as the most beautiful place on earth by national geographic. This little treasure is located near a charming little town bustling with entertainment and great food. A wonderful spot for all the family.

Go Whale Watching in West Cork.

Nature lovers will love the whale watching experience in West Cork. This is an experience of a lifetime and if the beauty of the Irish sea and landscape doesn't uplift your spirit – the moment of seeing a whale will make your trip feel like it was all worth it. No doubt you will have a whale of a time.

Diamond Hill, Connemara.

A visit to Ireland would not be complete without a visit to Connemara and if you have very little time to see and explore Connemara, then climb Diamond Hill. Once you are at the top of the hill – which does take some time, you will see Connemara and its beauty all at once. This wonderful climb will give you a real feel of the beauty which lies in Connemara.

The Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare.

If you're coming to Ireland, make sure that you visit the Cliffs Of Moher. The sea meets land here in a spectacular fashion. These beautiful cliffs are a must for nature lovers, but be aware of signage and stay away from the edge. Irelands windy climate makes it an exceptionally dangerous game to play.