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Irish Jewellery – An Unbroken Tribute to Ancient Celtic Ireland

Jewellery is most often bought as a token of appreciation. In many different cultures, it can be a representation of love, friendship, honour, heritage and faith. Our bond to another can dictate the type of Jewellery we buy for someone we respect and love. Although trends in all areas come and go, some stay with us because of an amiable attachment to a symbol or motif which increases its sentimental value.

Irish Jewellery is an expression of faith, heritage and love. It embodies ancient Ireland with symbols such as the Celtic Cross, the Claddagh, the Trinity Knot, the Love Knot, the Celtic knot, and Celtic warrior style Jewellery. These symbols are almost like a hallmark of Ireland and can be observed from one end of the Island to the other, much to the dismay of tourists and visitors. It is no coincidence that Irish Jewellery has endured the test of time. The list of Irish symbols and their meaning is substantial so we have picked the most popular symbols to explain the meaning behind them and why they are common in the Irish Jewellery industry.


Ancient Irish symbols have many beautiful connections to love. The Claddagh ring, for instance, is by far the most popular Irish symbol and is an expression of Love, loyalty & friendship. This beautiful ring continues to be in high demand all over the world for its romantic sentiments. Similarly, the Love Knot and Trinity Knot are both celebrated as an emblem that represents love. These interconnecting designs are created with no end – similar to the message of love one might wish to convey to his or her beloved. These Celtic designs can be seen all over Ireland if you keep your eyes peeled, you will begin to see them everywhere you go.


Faith is an invaluable and significant part of most humans journeys. Wearing Jewellery that expresses our faith invokes gratitude, love & devotion to God. Irish Jewellery is a mix of spiritual symbols from pagan times that were suitable to be used to teach pagans about Jesus Christ. The never ending knots signified eternal life. The Celtic Cross is the most obvious form of uniting symbols together. The Cross is a symbol of victory over death, that we were created for eternal life, a soul with a body - not a body with a soul. The Celtic Knot comes in many different forms, but the most common symbol is the Trinity Knot. The Trinity Knot was a symbol of the three life cycles of a woman, however, it's speculated that Saint Patrick used the Trinity Knot to teach pagans about the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. The emblem has no beginning, middle or end, which was befitting to apply to the Christian faith in that Christians also preach and proclaim eternal life with no end. The merging of the cross and the different ancient Celtic symbols was a success considering that the nation of Ireland became almost entirely Christian.

The Trinity Knot & Celtic Knot are also worn on their own, separate from the Cross. Again, because of its use on the stone crosses of ancient Ireland, many still wear it as sign of their connection to God.



The Irish nation has gained an unparalleled reputation in the world for its beautiful people. The quick wittiness, the openness and the kindness of the people of our nation is known all over the world. This unique character often ignites a love for Ireland in many people who are proud of their Irish heritage and their Irish ancestors who went before them. The symbols found around Ireland contributed significantly (but not totally) to the formation of our wonderful temperament. These symbols stood for something important to the generations who came before us and we continue to wear the symbols in honour of those generations or in many cases, because, we too believe in the meaning behind those symbols that our ancestors passed down to us throughout each generation.

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