Pearl and Alexandrite are the birthstones for June. Alexandrite is an unusual and exotic  gemstone. It is almost chameleon like as it changes from a beautiful turquoise color to a raspberry red in incandescent light. Because of it's rarity much mystique surrounds it. So rare is the stone that very few jewelers and gemologists have ever actually seen a natural alexandrite. All of our June birthstone Claddagh rings are set with lab created heart shaped alexandrite.

The most valuable Alexandrites are the ones with more distinct color change.  Also the hue in an important factor. Turquoise/raspberry red are the most desirable of colors.

Although not yet proven the gemstone was said to be first discovered in Russia in 1834 and was named after future tsar Alexander II as he came of age on the same day. It became the national stone of tsarist Russia. It wasn't long before the mines were exhausted and shut down which only enhanced it's mystique. More mines were discovered in Sri Lanka and Brazil but it is widely accepted that Russian alexandrites are far superior.

Because Alexandrite was discovered in the 19th century it does not have the history that many other gemstones have. Famous Tiffany gemologist George Kunz was fascinated with the stone and traveled to Russia to get them. He brought back such huge reserves that Tiffany almost had a monopoly of the stone for many years because of the expedition. Before then the stone was mined solely for Royalty.

Alexandrite is supposed to bring love, creativity and imagination into the lives of those who wear it and if you ever get your hands on one you are surely one in a million.

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