Saint Patrick's Day – An Irish Celebration

Saint Patrick's day is one of the most popular days in Ireland and the celebration has spread all across the world. Who was Saint Patrick and why has this day become such a worldwide event? For many the day marks the celebration of the Irish culture – the humor, the craic, the kindness of Irish people and the beauty of this small Island. Saint Patrick himself would probably agree that the love he developed for the Irish people for their humor and kindness is the reason for the celebration. For others, it marks the day Christianity spread across our beautiful Emerald Isle at a time when people were pagans.

About Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick arrived to Ireland from England after been caught by Irish Pirates at the age of 14 and was made a slave working on fields and looking after animals. During his lonely time in Ireland he became devoted to God and would often say over hundred prayers from morning to night. At the age of twenty he received a dream from God to arise and go to the coast and go home. He arrived at the coast and found sailors who brought him home to his family.

Once Saint Patrick arrived he had another vision of the people of Ireland calling out to him for help. The dream prompted Patrick to join the priesthood and after many years he was ordained a bishop and was sent to Ireland to spread the Gospel.

Saint Patrick – Patron Saint of Ireland

Saint Patrick spent over 40 years travelling around Ireland spreading the Gospel, building churches and converting huge numbers of people wherever he went. He cured people of their afflictions and is believed to have worked many miracles in the name of God. After been attacked by a snake he banished every snake from Ireland. While his miracles from God converted huge numbers of people, his humble, kind soul is believed to have converted many more. He lived in poverty and suffered greatly for the conversion of souls. He died on March 17th 461 – The day now known as Saint Patricks Day.

Saint Patricks promises to Ireland

Saint Patrick made three promises to Ireland before he passed away. The prophecy's are well-known in Ireland itself but are not widely known by everyone all over the world.

Saint Patrick promised Ireland that no barbarian nation should ever have rule over them, that all Irish would be received on the last day of judgement even if they were to repent in the last days of their lives. He promised that no one will ever shut them up – even in hell. The last promise he made to Ireland was that seven years before the last day the sea shall submerge Eirin in one inundation.

The Shamrock

The Shamrock is seen all over the world on Saint Patricks Day. It is believed that Patrick used the Shamrock to teach the pagans about the holy Trinity – The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. The Shamrock is the reason the world lights up in green. Although Saint Patrick wore blue – the green clover and the 'Emerald Isle' set the pace.

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Saint Patricks Day – A billion dollar business

Saint Patricks Day was once a strick day of observance on the Irish calander. Public houses closed on this day and people fasted and consumed no alcohol – this was written into law. Ireland realized that the day could attract tourists to the country and lifted the laws to allow tourists to celebrate with the Irish. While the day is still observed as a day of strict observance for many on the Irish calander the day is now widely known as a celebration of Ireland from people of all different faiths countries and back rounds. It is one of the busiest trade days for pubs and restaurants in Ireland and abroad. In the USA, it is expected that this March 17th will hit a record break spending of 5.9 billion dollars in pubs and restaurants. The only billion dollar business to ever to be built on a nations heritage.

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