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Tale of the Ring - Childrens Reading

tale-o-the-claddagh"When Richard leaves Galway as a boy, he says goodbye to everything he holds dear. His journey takes him to a new world where a chance meeting changes his life." -Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring

A wonderful children’s event took place on Saturday, 19th of November at 14:30 in Galway City Library when there was a reading of an enchanting new Galway children’s book, ‘Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring’. Author of the book Patricia McAdoo read excerpts from this mesmerizing tale and there was a special appearance from The King of Claddagh Michael Lynskey, who recounted tales of life as a young boy growing up in the Claddagh.

‘Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring’ tells the story of the adventures of Richard Joyce at sea and in foreign lands and how he came to create the Claddagh Ring, one of the symbols so closely associated with Galway. ”Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring’ is a lively, entertaining and an easy-to-read-book that looks likely to be come a favorite bedtime story in Galway and beyond.

The tale begins in the Claddagh fishing village where young Richard listens with awe to the exotic languages of the sailors who came to Galway in their trading ships and wonders what life is like in foreign lands. His family life changes enormously and he’s forced to leave everyone he loves in Galway to find work. He boards a ship bound for Spain and from this point, his life takes on a series of dramatic twists and turns.

During the voyage, the ship is raided and he is taken captive by pirates, who sell him as a slave. But Richard is a true hero who does not let all his difficulties and separation from his beloved Galway make him sad. He is brave, honest and hopeful and as his adventures unfold dramatically he uses all his heroic qualities to make the best of his situations. He spends years in captivity and becomes a jewellery apprentice in Algiers where his wonderful talent and ability to work precious metals and form rings, bracelets and other jewellery leads him to new opportunities. But will they lead him back to his beloved home in Galway?

The book has been beautifully written by Patricia McAdoo and the striking illustrations and colorful images help us to imagine Galway and the fishing village of the Claddagh as they were centuries ago. James Newell is the talented artist who has created the stunning illustrations which bring the legend of the Claddagh alive in our imaginations and capture the Galway of long ago so perfectly.