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The Burren Co. Clare.

The Burren in Co. Clare is a trip many tourists who visit Ireland decide to take. While the Burren doesn't look like much from the outside it is absolutely saturated with amazing facts that leave even the best scientists in the world baffled. So what makes this area so great?

created by dji camera

The word Burren means great rock and the Burren in Co. Clare is a great rock indeed. It covers 350 kilometres of land that stretches across as far as the eye can see. This vast rocky land formation was once submerged under the sea. It was not always rocky, but formed through the merging of seashells and fish bones. Over time, a pavement of limestone developed and when the sea rolled back, these formations became visible and were eventually inhabited by people, which is a surprise to people as they appear quite bleak.

The Burren might seem dreary, but if you take a walk around the grikes and glints of its wonderful paving, you will witness an abundance of wildlife and plants that have baffled scientists over the years. In fact, ¾ of Irelands plants can be found in the Burren and includes some plants that are only being found in the artic – which no one can explain. The wildlife includes birds, butterflies, fish, mammals and reptiles. It is surprising then that this rocky area was once inhabited by people, but it is true. Vast evidence is seen all around that this area was occupied and lived on by people. Stone forts, dolmens, wedge tombs, churches and castles can be found throughout the Burren.

Pictures of the tombs and the stone forts

Rare Flowers & Plants

Dactylorhiza Majalis

Autumn Lady Tresses

Plantathera Bifolia

Birds Nest Orchid

If you wish to visit the Burren, then don't forget to visit Aliwee cave which is located in the Burren. Another wonder within this extraordinary landscape.

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