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The Claddagh Village - A Time Gone By

Just a stone throw away from our main store rests a lovely little village named the Claddagh. A small and humble little area that made the map by the famous Claddagh ring, which is worn by millions of people all over the world. Everyone is aware of the Claddagh ring, but many people are unaware of the amazing people who came from the village. These traditional people were hard working and lived their life in poverty for the most part. Here are some of the interesting facts about Claddagh Village that many do not know.

Claddagh Village is one of the oldest in Ireland. It was once seen as separate from Galway City – and from such a short distance these people were vastly different in all their ways. They spoke Irish and would rarely be heard speaking any English. They only married people who lived within the village allowing them to keep to their strict traditions. All the men worked as fishermen and all the women were homemakers. They dressed in vastly different clothing from others that were made by the women. The women wore beautiful bright cloaks and undercoats. They made a living by selling fish their husbands had caught. They elected a king who made all the important decisions within the community.














The tradition continued until the 1930's when tuberculosis drove the people away from the Claddagh. The remaining people left after this were forced to leave after the city determined the dwellings exceptionally dangerous and uninhabitable. They were re-homed in Galway City and new more modern council homes were built where the cottages once stood. The old Claddagh village no longer stands, but will never be forgotten, for not only did it give us the Claddagh ring, it gave us a rich history of tradition.