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The Latin Quarter


Galway's Latin Quarter has become the heart and soul of Galway City. Day or night the area has got an almost magical vibe to it, with beautiful music flowing through the streets and interesting nooks and crannies everywhere you look. It is a true feast for the eyes and ears! The area stretches from the Spanish Arch to the top of Middle Street, St Nicholas Church to An Gailearai Beag on Flood Street and everything in-between. Whether you're looking for a pub, cafe or restaurant, or you fancy a bit of shopping ...the Latin Quarter has everything you need.

Although many well-established businesses such as Freenys, Neachteains and Deacy’s fish shop have stood the test of time, the area wasn't always the bustling district that it is today. Many years ago this part of the city was in decline. Many buildings were derelict and run down.

In the eighty's the area experienced a revival. Old facades were torn down to reveal the beautiful medieval walls that now gives the area it's rustic charm. They are now enhanced by beautifully colored buildings and murals, giving the area a tapestry feel. You can see this contrast between "Twice as Nice" and "The Wooden Heart".

As new small businesses moved in and the street became pedestrianized with cobblestones - the area became more people friendly and allowed people to slow down and soak up the atmosphere.

The Latin Quarter is home to many quirky shops, pubs and restaurants. Unique businesses have managed to hold their own in that part of town whilst large high street retailers have dominated Shop Street. The Latin Quarter has a sense of authenticity to it, in an age where uniqueness is fast disappearing. There is no place more evident of this than the Saturday market where local farmers and trades people sell their fresh produce and crafts.

Businesses in the area also have a unique relationship with each other. The community spirit is still very much alive where neighbors are friendly and helpful, always ready to recommend other shops in the area.

As for culture? Well the area is truly the beating heart of the city, home to the Druid Theater, An Taibhaic and the Galway City Museum, not to mention the infrastructure itself. The  historic buildings in the area tell a tale of different time, a time when Galway was a medieval walled city with a population of little more than three thousand. Galways historic legends and stories can be experienced on the "Tribes Alive" tour, a must see activity that takes place in summer months.

Galway is renowned for it's many internationally acclaimed festivals many of which begin and end in the Latin Quarter. If you're not convinced by now, you'll just have to experience the zest and magic of the Latin Quarter for yourselves!

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