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Tourist Must While Staying In Galway

Take a day trip to Connemara

Connemara is well known for its magnificent backdrop of blue sea and greenery. The mountain views are an absolute must for adventure seekers who would like to experience a more natural side of our little country. Most tourists plan this excursion first as it is close to Shannon airport. Either way make sure you plan your trip to Connemara before arriving in Ireland to ensure that you have everything planned with an expert guide.

Visit Galway Cathedral

Galway has a magnificent Cathedral located in the heart of Galway. This impressive Catholic Cathedral sits overlooking a beautiful river. The interior is decorated with beautiful marbled walls and stunning glass stained windows. The church is a peaceful space and has an active community of joyful Christians daily. Entry is free into the Cathedral, but one can donate 2 euro if they wish. There is tourist information on the entrance to this beautiful Cathedral and a small shop inside for tourists and visitors. The Cathedral is strictly closed to visitors during mass times – so make sure you check out their times online before visiting.

Visit Lynches Castle

Stop and look up when you see the AIB bank situated on Shop Street in Galway. This beautiful building once belonged to a powerful family in Galway and was built as a form of protection from theifs. The building dates back to the 14th century, but often goes unnoticed by people passing and tourists. During the bank opening hours tourists are allowed to walk in and read about the building and its origins.

Take a tour guide with Galway City Walking Tours

Galway City Walking Tours are the experts to go to if you would like to take a tour of Galway and learn as much as possible. The tours are run by Shane, who is a true gentleman and a friend to us here at Claddagh Jewellers. Anyone who decides to take one of his tours will not be disappointed. Check out his website here. Also, check in on his Facebook page where he shows some of his exciting day trips. If you are looking for in depth knowledge of the city and its historic roots, including information on the Claddagh ring, the tribes of Galway and water ends and west end, then his tours will definitely teach you in no time.

Drop into the Claddagh Legend Visitor Centre

If you are visiting Galway, then go buy yourself a Claddagh ring! The Claddagh originated from a little village in Galway, Ireland named the Claddagh. This beautiful iconic Irish ring is a symbol of love, loyalty & friendship. Luckily – for those who do not know much about the Claddagh ring, the Claddagh Legend Visitor Centre runs a short film on the origins of the ring, they teach you how to wear the ring and you can watch the Authentic Claddagh Ring™ been made by our Irish Jeweller.

Visit Renville Park

Renville Park is the perfect family day out. This beautiful park features lovely walks and wooded land and also a park for children. The park has ocean views and is a beautiful, tranquil time for all. Situated in Oranmore and free admission.

Galway City Museum

Galway City Museum is a lovely little museum that is rich in Galways history. The museum has an interactive section for Children and although it is small it is laid out brilliantly. Admission is free to the museum, but you can donate if you wish to. It closes at 5pm so make sure to get there a little earlier so you are not feeling rushed.

Visit Salthill

Salthill is one of the best spots in Galway, especially when the sun shines. If you are lucky to get a beautiful sunny day in Galway walk out to Salthill and enjoy the beach and the walk along the promenade. Unfortunately, in bad weather it is not as nice and often times dangerous, so make sure to come on one of the 10 days of sunshine we get each year.

Visit Menlo Castle

Menlo Castle was once owned by the Blake Family who were believed to be the richest people in Galway in the late 1500's . The Blake family lived in the Castle up until 1910, when a fire engulfed the home which killed their daughter. The castle now lies in ruins, but is open to visitors. The castle has a picturesque location and is worthy of a visit before leaving Ireland.