Congratulations! If you are reading this then you are possibly looking to get engaged very soon or are recently engaged and are now searching for the perfect Irish engagement ring. Claddagh Jewellers specialise in making and manufacturing many types of Claddagh rings, including wedding bands and the Claddagh engagement ring, meaning we have all the answers to your questions. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] where we will be happy to help you.

Cashel emerald Claddagh Ring

Cashel Diamond Collection - Exclusive to Claddagh Jewellers


Undoubtedly, an Emerald Claddagh Engagement ring is one of the most favored types of Irish Engagement rings that are currently on the market. Couples with Irish roots or with a love for Ireland, choose the Claddagh engagement ring because of the meaning behind the design. An engagement ring is a promise of marriage but a Claddagh engagement ring is not just a promise of marriage, it is a promise of Love, Loyalty & friendship for the rest of your life.

The Emerald has been celebrated throughout the world and down through many centuries for many different reasons. Many people associate the Emerald with Ireland, which is known all over the world as the Emerald Isle for its magnificient green landscape which is spread from every corner of our beautiful little country. The unique Claddagh design coupled with the Emerald is an obvious choice for many people as it evokes memories of their family heritage, their visit to Ireland or a connection to Ireland in some way.

The emerald is also the birthstone for May and has been associated with a beautiful poem about been a happy wife. Many people believe that a woman who wears an emerald throughout their life will be a happy wife. An engagement ring is something that is worn for a lifetime, therefor is incorporated into the engagement ring in the hope that it will bring happiness to the marriage.

"Who first beholds the light of day
In spring's sweet flowery month of May
And wears an emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and happy wife."

The May birthstone has also been associated with love, eternal youth & good fortune. Making it the gemstone for good luck. Please click here to find out about the history of the Emerald May Birthstone ring.

Kinvara Diamond Collection - Exclusive to Claddagh Jewellers

Kinvara Diamond Collection - Exclusive to Claddagh Jewellers


The Emerald is the second most precious stone after the diamond. When selecting a gemstone the value of the ring often drops when the ring has many inclusions, which can often be seen on gems. However, the Emerald does not lose its value when inclusions are apparent. In fact, it is almost impossible to find an Emerald without inclusions. These inclusions actually add to the vibrancy of the ring, making it a perfect choice for many. The Claddagh engagement ring works very well with the emerald. The Claddagh design is an iconic symbol of Ireland and perfectly describes the a promise to be loving, loyal and to give one your friendship with a never ending band.

How to choose a Claddagh Emerald Engagaement ring

Choose the metal type before you begin searching for the best Irish emerald Engagement ring for you. Do you want to yellow gold, white gold or Platinum band? Look for quality over price when searching for your ring and make sure that you research the company before making the purchase.

Look for authenticity and a ring that has been made in Ireland verses sourced from other parts of the world such as china.

Claddagh Jewellers are the makers of the Authentic Claddagh ring here in Galway, Ireland. Galway is home to the Claddagh ring. We have been in business since 1967 and selling online to people all over the world for 20 years – In fact, we were one of the first jewellers here in Ireland to start selling online. The Engagement rings are stamped with our Makers Mark, L.F standing for Love & Friendship, Loyalty & Fidelity. Our Claddagh engagement rings are inspired by Irish locations in the west of Ireland. 

Thousands of people hoping to get an Emerald engagement Claddagh ring come to us from all over the world. We only supply top quality Emeralds & Diamonds which is coupled with exquisite craftsmanship.

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