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Claddagh Birthstone Rings

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 Claddagh Birthstone Rings

Claddagh Birthstone Rings

This collection of birthstone rings includes all birthstones for every month:

January - Garnet (a deep red coloured stone)

February - Amethyst (a light to deep purple coloured stone)

March - Aquamarine (a very light aqua coloured stone)

April - Diamond

May - Emerald (a lovely bright green coloured stone)

June - Pearl or Alexandrite (a deep pink coloured stone)

July - Ruby (a bright red coloured stone)

August - Peridot (a lime green coloured stone)

September - Sapphire (a medium to dark blue coloured stone)

October - Opal or Pink Tourmaline (a light pink coloured stone)

November - Smoky Topaz (a deep yellowy brown coloured stone)

December - Turquoise or Blue Topaz (a clear turquoise coloured stone)

This collection includes sterling silver rings with faux cubic zirconia birthstones. Although this collection includes only birthstones, many people purchase the rings because they like the colour. In fact, the aquamarine March birthstone ring is our most popular ring. The Claddagh ring is a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship which is given to a loved one to show your devotion to them. This unique ring has been around for over 300 years and originated from the Claddagh in Galway, Ireland. The birth of the Claddagh sparked a worldwide trend that is increasing every year. Incorporating the birthstone with the Claddagh ring has heightened its significance, making it an even extra special gift for a friend, partner or family member.

Claddagh Jewellers provide our customers with the best quality products and the highest customer service. We are always here to help! We have sold thousands of rings worldwide and continue to grow and expand our on-line business. We are the most trusted Claddagh ring retailer and have been operating since 1967. Our on-line venture began in 1996, where we became one of the first on-line Claddagh ring retailers. Your satisfaction in our jewellery and customer service is our priority.

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