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Gents Sterling Silver

Gents Silver Claddagh ring

The gents sterling silver Claddagh rings in this collection showcases carefully selected styles. These beautiful traditional silver Claddagh bands are favored by many men. These beautiful rings are a superb piece of Irish jewelry which originated from the Claddagh village in Galway. It is the ideal way to show someone your love, loyalty and friendship.

This unique Irish ring is said to have a romantic tale behind it. The story speaks of Richard Joyce, who was captured by pirates at the Claddagh in Galway. Upon returning to the Claddagh many years later, he presented the love of his life with a beautiful Claddagh ring. The story of this ring has been passed down for 300 years and continues to delight people worldwide.

Claddagh Jewellers are one of the longest operating makers of the Claddagh ring, in fact, we are the makers of the Authentic Claddagh ring™. We provide first class customer service before, during and after you make a purchase from us. Your peace of mind is our first priority.

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