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Platinum Claddagh Rings

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Platinum Claddagh Rings

Platinum Claddagh Rings

Experience another level of beauty with our Platinum Claddagh rings, made in Galway by Claddagh Jewellers.

The Platinum Claddagh ring collection showcases a selection of gents and ladies matching Claddagh rings. This particular collection of Claddagh bands are part of our Authentic Claddagh Collection. The platinum rings are perfect for anyone who prefers a more durable piece of Irish jewellery. The assortment of rings in this collection feature the traditional Claddagh ring as well as an Emerald Set Claddagh ring. These rings are hand crafted by our specialist jeweller in Galway, Ireland. The Claddagh ring signifies love, loyalty and friendship and is often referred to as a lover's ring and an Irish Friendship ring.

The unique design associated with the Claddagh ring has become distinctively recognizable by people all over the world and the story of the Claddagh ring spreads further every year. Gift this ring to a family member, a partner or friend to show your love, companionship, loyalty and friendship.

Claddagh Jewellers are the makers of the Authentic Claddagh ring. The shop has been operating since 1967 and customer service and product quality is our first priority. We have sold thousands of these rings worldwide since the launch of our first website in 1996 and continue to grow and expand every year. We understand the importance of a quality ring to honour your Irish ancestors.

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