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Celtic Crosses

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Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

View our range of superbly crafted Irish Celtic Crosses. The Celtic cross has been traced to Roman times all over the world. There are huge monuments that can be seen all over the world including places such as Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and the Rest of Europe. These beautiful free standing monuments show a big cross with a circle surrounding it. The cross itself has a beautiful design and can be identified very quickly based on its patterns. Some say the circle surrounding the cross represents a halo, others believe it was a Celtic tradition. Many believe that the Celtic crosses were seen in an area where a victory of battle had taken place and that it was then used as a meeting spot for religious service. Others believe that Saint Patrick invented Celtic Crosses to try to convert the Kings to Catholicism. Either way, the cross is definitely a Catholic and a Christian symbol. The Celtic Cross has become extremely popular world wide with many people opting to wear a Celtic Cross as to commemorate their origins. People often search for ornaments, jewellery and other popular items that resemble the beautiful standing monuments. The Celtic Cross can be seen on earrings, chains, pendants, rings and other Celtic style jewellery, as well as in our own Celtic Jewellery collection.

Our range of gold Celtic Crosses are available for men and women. The collection shows a variety of different styles to suit everyone's taste. Each necklace is made with 10kt white or yellow gold and has a beautiful design. We also have the Duleek cross and the Saint Bridget's cross. The Celtic Cross is a perfect way to celebrate the Celtic era.

Claddagh Jewellers are the makers of the Authentic Claddagh ring ™ . Your satisfaction in our customer service is our number one concern. We have been selling on-line since 1998, when we set up our first website. Since then, we have continued to grow and strengthen our business.

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