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Celtic Rings

Celtic Rings

Celtic Ring Collection

Browse our Celtic Ring Collection. This beautiful collection of rings is inspired by Celtic mythology. It is believed by many that the Iron Age Celts and early Celts held a polytheistic religious structure, where they believed in many Gods. It is also said that the Celts had held a Christian faith passed down from the early age Celts. Either way, the Celtic jewellery design tells a story of a spiritual path inspired by their beliefs. The Celtic Knot-work jewellery expresses the presence of the physical, mental and spiritual or the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This extraordinary design shows the intertwining of each knot which signifies everlasting life. Our Irish ring collection is complete with many types of Celtic Knot-work, including the Trinity Knot design, the Triskel Knot spiral design and the Open Weave Celtic design.

The Celtic Warrior rings in this collection are spectacular to behold. Celtic Warrior jewellery is inspired by the design on the Ardagh Chalice which was found in Limerick Ireland, by a man digging for potatoes. The Chalice is believed to be one of the most tremendous finds for the early Irish church and is believed to have been used in the celebration of mass. Inscribed on the bottom of the chalice is the twelve disciples names. The bowl includes silver and gold design and has beautiful filigree panels which is the inspiration for these beautiful warrior rings. The assortment of Celtic rings are made up of sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. The rings are made with 9kt, 10kt and 14kt white and yellow gold and are designed to honour the Celts.

The array of rings include the Trinity Knot-work design, the Shamrock design, the Open Weave design, the Celtic Warrior design and there is a selection of beautiful cubic zirconia stone set Celtic rings included for your pleasure.

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